Criminal Defense for Drug Crimes in Hamilton County

Welcome back to the blog of Johnson Law Office, P.C. Today I would like to address drug crimes in Hamilton County, Indiana. Johnson Law Office, P.C. provides criminal defense for drug crimes in Hamilton County and throughout Central Indiana.

Today’s topic is more of a challenge to the recreational drug user, and not to those addicted to drugs. Addiction is a whole other topic for another day. Let’s focus instead on recreational drug use. The first question that comes to mind with those of us who have been around for a half century of more, is “What is the fascination with illegal drugs?”

Rather than experimenting or continuing on with recreational illegal drugs, it is a much better idea to enjoy life without doing illegal drugs. Over time, when a person continues down a path of consuming illegal drugs, results are not so good: slow erosion of thinking and reasoning skill as well as a change in personality. To those who wish for a legalization of various drugs, I might want to caution them: “Be careful what you wish for. It might come true.” I have seen people who are habitual users of drugs over long periods of time whose minds have gone to the level of an imbecile or moron. There is a much better way to enjoy life, and that is to do so without drugs.

If however you have been arrested for drugs in Hamilton County, you need experienced and competent criminal defense. You will find an outstanding criminal defense attorney by calling Johnson Law Office, P.C. at 317.536.6268.