Criminal Defense in Indianapolis, Hamilton County, and Noblesville

If you have recently been arrested in Indianapolis or Hamilton County, you need a legal team that fights for you.  Johnson Law Office, P.C. will fight hard to protect your rights.  Maybe you have been falsely accused of a crime.  You know you are innocent, but you need an attorney to communicate that in the courtroom.

Or perhaps you were pulled over recently for drunk driving.  You need your driver’s license for your job and your personal life, but the judge recently ordered that your driver’s license be suspended.  Then it became official a couple of days later:  you received a letter from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles saying that your license is suspended.  Rather than lose your job by not having a valid driver’s license, you can call the legal team at Johnson Law Office, P.C. and we can help you get a driver’s license that will get you back and forth to work.  We will provide legal representation for the underlying drunk driving charge.  We will make sure that the police conducted their drunk driving investigation in the proper way, from start to finish.

No matter what it is that you have been accused of, we stand ready at Johnson Law Office, P.C. to help you through this tough time to deal wisely with your legal situation.

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