Recently Arrested For DUI (OVWI)

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you were recently arrested for drunk driving in Noblesville, Hamilton County, or Central Indiana. I’m using the term “drunk driving” but it is interchangeable with other terms, such as “DUI” or the legally accurate term “OVWI”, which means Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated. If you were recently arrested for DUI, then you most likely spent a couple of days in the Hamilton County Jail, which was probably not a place that you ever want to visit again.

At Johnson Law Office, P.C., we can help you stay out of jail and deal with your DUI effectively. There are a few issues that we will together deal with:

  1. your bond
  2. the facts of your case
  3. applying the law to the facts of your case
  4. identifying legal issues arising from your case
  5. determining whether your case is trial-worthy

If we together decide that your case is trial-worthy, or that there are some issues that we need to have the court rule upon, then we will do so.

Even after the resolution of the legal issues mentioned above, there could still be a need for a trial, which we would together decide on.

However your case is resolved, we at Johnson Law Office, P.C. are focused on getting you the best possible outcome. This outcome would favorably deal with the following:

  1. Keeping you out of jail.
  2. Eliminating home detention, if applicable.
  3. Keeping you out of work release, if applicable.
  4. Restoring your driver’s license.
  5. Keeping you employed.
  6. Addressing addiction issues, such as alcohol or other drugs.
  7. Dealing with probation in an intelligent way.

To sum it up, at Johnson Law Office, P.C. we provide competent criminal defense to people who are accused of crimes, including DUI, OVWI, drunk driving, drug crimes, and a host of other crimes. Give us a call at 317.536.6268 to discuss your case and set up a consultation.